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Hospital Support

Sometimes. all we need is someone to be there when we need that support. Dealing with everyday issues when you cannot raise your head from your pillow is daunting enough; not to mention dealing with a sick child, too. Some parents can’t deal with the stress and just wish they could hide away, and those problems will just miraculously disappear.

Other times, as a parent, you are the one watching a loved one, a child dying right before your eyes. You have no clue what to do next. You are at your wit’s end. Then, the doctors come and are talking to you about your child’s ailment and it sounds like a foreign language. You do not know what they are talking about, you do not want to have to deal with it, someone else should manage it. The “patient”, your child, is your priority right now so they can take their news away. You are exhausted and need a rest.

This is where our support is valuable. We will attend appointments with you and support you during the session with the doctor. We will clarify any difficult terms or treatments and act as a bridging link between the hospital and your family, we do not take over but support you to make the decisions. Book Here