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Group Counselling

People with kidney and/or transplant long-term health conditions find it hard to deal with the pain and anxiety that accompanies their condition. Some of them are unable to discuss the reason for their anxiety with anyone. This is why we encourage counselling for some people through group peer support and for others, one to one counselling with a professional.

Most people suffering from mental health issues in the African-Caribbean community, as a result of their long-term health condition, consider asking for help or going to see a psychologist as a sign of weakness. Their families would also try to conceal their mental health problems because of the stigma associated with it. We provide a SafeSpace for them to open up and speak about their struggles with mental health and get support from their peers.

WSH BME Network gently guides and nurtures them so they feel comfortable and open up sooner rather than later when it will be too late to save them. We, sensitively, encourage them to open up and sometimes, if they are too reluctant to speak to anyone, we let them know, we are available when they are ready.

Even when they are unable to speak to anyone, we encourage them to attend the groups and listen to other people’s stories, this, we believe, will encourage them to slowly gain confidence to share their experiences. Book Here