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Every single person should have access to treatment that cures their kidney disease. They shouldn’t be stuck on dialysis forever, waiting for a transplant. We believe they should have the care they need, and we’ve done our best to advocate on behalf of patients.

We are advocates for kidney and transplant patients, and have a lot of experience with kidney disease. We understand the challenges that people with kidney disease face daily and are passionate about speaking on their behalf.

We ensure, throughout the whole process, we consult them about the decisions we have taken and the results we expect from our actions. They might not always agree with our opinions or advice and we respect that and are always willing to listen to their opinions.

We also, actively, promote their rights in a society where most of them are relegated to the background and ignored even when they really need the help and support. When they feel marginalised, we fight and defend their rights and ensure that their views are considered in any decision making involving their care. Book Here