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WSH BME Kidney Network is a charity that provides advice, support, advocacy and kidney health education to African-Caribbean kidney patients and their families. We recognise the hardships associated with having a long-term health condition, especially without nearby familial support. This usually leads to problems with mental health and people most often than not suffer in silence for years.

They can avoid these problems with a little help and support from others, but these supports are few. So WSH BME Kidney Network was set up to help combat the barriers to providing the African-Caribbean community with a service that will be a “one stop solution” for these people.

People with kidney disease and transplant long-term health conditions

We support Black kidney disease and transplant patients and/or their families, no matter the stage of the disease.

Supporting vulnerable people without prejudice

African-Caribbean kidney patients with mental health issues are often the most overlooked in the community. We provide a welcoming and supportive environment for Black kidney patients and their families suffering from mental health issues.

Meet the Team

About The Team

We are a group of people, trustees and volunteers, providing support to Black kidney and transplant patients and their families, acting as a resource for advice and support to navigate government systems, and campaigning for blood and organ donation in the community.


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We are advocates for kidney and transplant patients, and have a lot of experience with kidney disease. We understand the challenges that people with kidney disease face daily and are passionate about speaking on their behalf.

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Befriending / Companion

Our befriending and companion service is a free online confidential and non-judgemental listening resource for our African-Caribbean kidney community.









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A charity set up to provide support for Black people with kidney disease, transplant and underlying long-term health conditions


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